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Small Business Loans

When you need money for your small business, there are only a few ways to obtain the funding you require. Typical small business loan providers, such as traditional banks, offer loans, but more often than not, the loans are denied – especially if your business is relatively new or if the business owner has less than perfect credit. If you do manage to get a small business loan through your bank, the terms can be difficult, and a fixed repayment schedule may continue to keep your finances in a bind.

Fortunately, there are alternative forms of finance to small business loans through convenient solutions, such as our merchant cash advance program. The application and approval process are easy, and you can have up to $200,000 right away.

Small Business Loans Made Simple Without Actual Loans

If you are unfamiliar with a business or merchant cash advance, it is simply a small business finance alternative to a business loan from a bank. We are able to give you the money you need by purchasing a portion of your future credit or debit card receivables at a discounted price, and then recouping your obligation by collecting payments from future debit/credit card sales as your business earns them.

You do not have to pay us back directly, so there is never a fixed repayment schedule to abide by. Our small business loan alternative program is offered to you in exchange for a fixed percentage of your Visa, MasterCard and debit receivables.

Who Can Be Approved For Small Business Loans (not actually a loan) With A Merchant Cash Advance?

If your company accepts Visa and MasterCard for payment, and processes more than $2,500 per month in credit/debit card transactions, you may be able to obtain up to $150,000 right away for whatever you want to spend it on. With our small business loan alternative finance program, we offer high approval rates with a very easy application process.

There are no credit checks, so you may be approved even with less than perfect credit scores. Small business loans through our merchant cash advance program is as easy as it gets. Apply today and you could be approved within just one business day.

What About Collateral?

Our small business finance alternative to a bank business loan does not require collateral to secure the money you need! Our approval process is based on your records of business performance. We work directly with your credit card processor so you get the money you need, and you never even have to worry about making a single payment back to us. The merchant cash advance is a popular choice in small business finance simply because of how easy it is.

Apply Today – Like Small Business Loans – Finance With Fast Approvals

Simply fill out our online application today to get started. We offer fast turnaround on your request for small business finance through Business Cash Advance Canada. If you need money for your business, we are here to help. We understand you have bills to pay and equipment and supplies to purchase, among other business expenses. Let our small business finance program work for you. Just by answering a few simple questions today, you can obtain the money you need in no time.

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Are you currently accepting payments using credit or debit cards at your business? If so, we can probably help you find the money you need fast. Apply Now!


  • Amounts up to $200,000
  • Higher approval rate
  • No worrying about payments
  • No fixed payment schedule
  • Canadian owned company
  • Fast approval, fast cash